Muslim Leaders

Listed below are Muslim leaders who have participated in events organized by the Elijah Interfaith Institute.

Dr. Nazeer Ahmed

Dr. Nazeer Ahmed is currently Director of the American Institute of Islamic History and Culture and a director of the World Organization for Resource Development and Education. Dr. Ahmed holds several degrees, and is a former legislator to the Legislative Assembly in Bangalore. He belongs to the Naqshabandi Sufi Order and has learned tasawwuf from Shaikh Nazim al Haqqani of Cyprus and Shaikh Hisham Kabbani of the US. He has lectured widely in the United States, Canada, India, Malaysia and South Africa on issues related to science, history, religion and spirituality. Dr. Ahmed represented Sheikh Kabbani at the Third (2007) and Fourth Meeting of the Board of World Religious Leaders (2009), and is on the steering committee of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders.

Dr. Muhammad Zaki Badawi

Shaikh Mohammed Aboulkhair Zaki Badawi KBE was a prominent Egyptian Islamic scholar, community activist, and promoter of interfaith dialogue. He was the principal of the Muslim College in London, which he founded in 1986. He was a frequent writer and broadcaster on Islamic affairs, and was made an honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE) in 2004. Badawi was also appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Francis I in recognition of his interfaith work. Dr. Badawi passed away in 2006.






Sheikh Abdelsalam Manasrah


Secretary of the Supreme Sufi Council of the Holy Land and Head of the Qaddariya Sufi Order



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Sheikh Mohammed Mohammed Ali

Sheikh Mohammed Ali is a Shiite scholar of Islamic theology and history and mechanical engineer by training, holding BSc, MA,and Phd degrees. He is a member and leader of the National Consensus Alliance, the Iraqi Reconstruction Group, Forum 2020, and other NGOs. An Iraqi by birth and frequent visitor to Iraq, he is currently a resident of the United Kingdom. He has lectured in conferences around the world and has vast experience within UN agencies in New York and Geneva. Sheikh Ali is a human rights activist. He participated in the Third Meeting of the Board of World Religious Leaders.


Imam Dr. Abduljalil Sajid

Imam Sajid is the Chairman of Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony (MCRRH) and one of the founders of the Muslim Council of Britain, the largest umbrella organisation of Muslims in the UK. Imam Sajid also serves as President of the UK Chapter of the World Conference of Religion for Peace, the Deputy President of European World Conference of Religion and Peace, President of the National Association of British Pakistanis and a member of the Central Working Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain. Imam Sajid attended the Fourth Meeting of the Board of World Religious Leaders.


Muhammad Siddeeq

siddeeq.jpgImam Muhammad Siddeeq is a long time Muslim American pioneer.  Professionally a biologist, medical researcher and teacher, he is a supporter and student in the religion of Imam W. Deen Mohammad.  Siddeeq became Muslim under the leadership of Imam Mohammad's father, the late Hon. Elijah Mohammad.  Imam Muhammad Siddeeq has held many positions in the Muslim community of the United States and has been a mentor to newly converted and young Muslim men, many who have been released from prison.  Imam Siddeeq represented W. Deen Mohammad at the First Meeting of World Religious Leaders in Seville.

Sheikh Taisir Tamimi

tamimi.jpgDirector of Shari'ah Courts, the Palestinian Authority


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